Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Guarantee Policy

Plants are naturally delicate items, it’s their nature.  We expect you the customer, to be an educated buyer, and to take care of your plants upon arrival.  If your shipping package sits out in the sun, your plants will cook in short order. We can not replace plants if you abuse them.

We can guarantee that your plants will arrive in good condition.   

Due to the shipping stress on live plants, you may find that some of the leaves may show some small signs of damage.  This should not be a concern.  All the stock that well sell are perennials, and as such, the next growing season your established plants will have a new full set of leaves.  As an educated buyer, you know that establishing the rootstock of the perennial is your target goal for the first season.  Please do not call us if you have a torn or bent leaf- we really exercise a great effort to keep this to a minimum.  In the long run, a damaged leaf will not hinder your plant from becoming established.  Please focus on the root system.

We can not guarantee your gardening capabilities or your ultimate success in establishing our stock.  We propagate and sell very rare orchids.  There is an inherent reason why these plants are so rare.  Some can be very difficult to grow and maintain.  Some require a skill level of a Master Plantsman.  Others, while considered rare, are still easy to grow.

If, however, your plants do arrive damaged , we  want to hear from you so that we can remedy the situation.  

YOU MUST NOTIFY us within 3 days of arrival of your plants.  Send us an e-mail and we’ll review your situation.

We do appreciate your business.  We are building our reputation with each order that we process.  We will ship you high quality plants that are clearly described with a correct photo….

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