The One Test Tube at a Time Initiative

This initiative has been established to share our services, laboratory, seedlings, plants, and expertise to help save endangered orchid populations. There are diminishing plant populations growing in various habitats and areas. For a number of reasons these plant populations are unable to re-establish themselves or fall outside of funding sources that would allow them to remain protected or undisturbed. We would like to see the return to thriving orchid populations for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

We are currently working collaboratively with the staff at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve in Ohio to increase the numbers of native orange fringed orchids located on their 850 acre site.

This is an ongoing project. We invite you to take a look at our interim report on the Kitty Todd project, posted under our INITATIVES tab on our website. This report will be periodically updated with additional pictures and text as the program continues. Check back for updates!

The services of Great Lakes Orchids LLC have been donated free of charge to the Kitty Todd Nature Preserves. It's our effort to make the planet just a little bit greener.

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